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Hip Injuries

We understand the concern that comes with hip injuries, replacements, and treatment. Our office provides patients the knowledge and comprehensive care they need to make the right decisions about procedures pertaining to the hip. Together with experience and a commitment to the doctor-patient relationship, the services we provide are accurate and always individually tailored. We use the latest surgical techniques and procedures and performed by leading physicians and surgeons in their fields.


Even the slightest amount of knee discomfort can trigger pain and negative effects throughout the body. Our highly trained physicans treat every knee- and leg-related issue with the gravity each demands. Whether it is a simple sprain or fracture, a tendon tear or unstable kneecap, we utilize the latest advancements in non-surgical treatments, minimally invasive procedures, surgery, rehabilitation, and physical therapy to assist our patients in effective, long-term recoveries.


Our surgeons specialize in all types of hand conditions, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Arthritis, Trigger Finger, and Tendon Injuries. Our patients are assured that they are being treated by and cared for by experts in their field. The comprehensive care that we offer affords us the opportunity to see a patient through from the initial consultation to surgery and if necessary, to rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Shoulder, Arm and Elbow

We have treated, and rehabilitated every possible shoulder, arm, and elbow injury. From broken arms and rotator cuff tears to tendonitis and osteoarthritis, our physicians and surgeons have decades of experience in diagnosing injuries and creating treatment plans that are specific to each patient’s needs, medical history, and injuries. Children, adults, athletes, and the elderly know that we provide the care they need and the optimum recovery they want.


Dr. Caputo is an amazing, attentive, Surgeon. He is very patient in explaining procedures, limitations and rehabilitation. I would highly recommend him and his staff

Sheila W.

My shoulder operation was performed by Dr. Woodson and I was extermely satisfied. He was very professional and had a great attitude. I would highly recommend Dr. Woodson to anyone who has a shoulder injury.


From the moment I contacted Dr. Hanna's office I knew I was in good hands. Her office is professional, compassionate, responsive, and Dr. Hanna is amazing. She really listened to what I had to say about my shoulder and the pain, did an examination of my shoulder, and ordered the tests she needed to complete her diagnosis and make her recommendation. Within 48 hours of my first visit, my tests were completed and Dr. Hanna was reviewing the results with me as we discussed her recommendations..


Through my 2 shoulder surgeries, Dr. Caputo maintained a skilled, professional but caring attitude while treating me. His accumulated years of medical practice and patient care along with solid communication skills helped build my trust in our doctor and patient relationship.

Mike E