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Treatment Areas

Conditions We Treat

  •   Arthritis
  •   Bursitis
  •   Rotator Cuff
  •   Tendonitis
  •   Bicep Tendon
  •   Ankle Fractures
  •   Labral Tears
  •   ACL injuries
  •   Spinal Stenosis
  •   Herniated Disc
  •   Cartilage Injuries
  •   Dupuytren's Disease
  •   Trigger Finger
  •   Frozen Shoulder
  •   SLAP/Labral Tears
  •   Traumatic Injuries
  •   General shoulder pain
  •   Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
  •   Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  •   Acute and Chronic Neck and Back pain
  •   Degenerative conditions of the shoulder

Hand and Upper Extremity

Our surgeons are board certified, have extensive fellowship training in hand and upper extremity conditions

Shoulder Photo

Our surgeons are experts at treating shoulder conditions, ranging from sports injuries to age-related chronic diseases.

Hip photo

Our specialty-trained hip doctors are recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of hip injuries and conditions.

Photo Neck Back pain
Neck and Back

Our team of specialists and staff work together to provide accurate diagnosis, the most effective treatments and therapies available.

Knee photo

Our orthopedic surgery practice specializes in treatment of knee pain and restrictions, If you have any questions please contact us.

Picture of Foot
Foot and Ankle

Injuries to the foot and ankle can cause severe pain. Our surgical team offers the best orthopedic surgical care in Southern California.